My WIFI Router Installer Download

My WIFI Router Installer Download

My WIFI Router
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My VIFI router is equipped with your laptop (or wireless desktop) and emulates a network router with most features. This allows you to exchange devices that are connected to the Internet and a variety of other things with everyone connected. It also has basic security featuresand more than a few other pleasant pleasures!

Quick and carefree

My VIFI router has some surprisingly powerful features for such a simple software related to creating a flash network router. You and the users in the network you create, for example, can watch videos via Mi Videosand control playback separately: ideal for long journeys with car laptops, but without access to the Internet. You can even move files back and forth if you like it. Even without the Internet, the application is useful, but it’s great to share 4G internet with others,for example. Keep in mind: an open router for security reasons, and Mi VIFI Router does not offer high quality security settings. There is a black list.

Basic choice

In general, my VIFI router is most suitable for those who just want to use their laptop to shareInternet and other things and who do not have much reason to worry about offenders. It’s easy to use and has an excellent video sharing function, as security is not scared (for example, a tug on the road above), this is a great option for routing.

My WIFI Router

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