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Middle earth: Shadow of War PC download

Middle earth: Shadow of War
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No new CONTENT in this REPUBLIC, compared to an old one.

The difference is as follows:

Installing a space of around 25% less needed for installation (equivalent to the required target size) is much more likely to be a minor error.(Especially dlyakarystalnikavAMD / Ryzen) operating disk Less, much more suitable for installing SSD, than original original wrap installed separately for reference and language If you want to add them later,After the installation of the main file. You can also use the language setting when dlyaponeykay the primary reason setting sun set language files in your case

Middle Earth: Shadow Wars + 2 DLC

Release date October10, 2017

Type / Tags: Action, Cutting Launcher World, Stealth, Third Man, 3D

Developer: Monolith Productions

Publisher: Warner Bros. Entertainment contacts

Platform: PC

Engine: Lithtech

SteamKarystatski score: 83% positive comments (based on 2172 reviews)

Languages: English,French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Brazil, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

avdyoMova: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Brazilian

Crack:Built in (CODEX)

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 update with platform (64 bit only)

Processor: AMD FX-4350 GHz / Intel Core i5-2300, GHz

Memory: 6 GB

Display card: AMD HD 7870, 2GB / NVIDIA GTX 660 2 GB

DirectX: 11

Volume Hard Drive:65 GB

Warning! The minimum size of extracurricular supplementation – just the GB, read the repackdlya detail page.

Screen – Click to expand if you can not see the screen – Disable ad unit


Go backVarozhyhliny in military disguise, conquer fort and dominate the interior of Mordor. Feel the award winning Nemesis System to create a unique personal history of all enemies and successors, and against the full power of the Lord’s DarknessSauron and his kaltsavuyuZdanyav in this epic new epic of the Middle world.

Middle Ages: Shadow of War, nothing will be forgotten.

Repack feature

On the basis of ISO release: (103 976 435 712 bytes) 2 DLC included and enabled: Sword of the Dominion Champion of War100% Lossless MD5 Perfect: All original versions after installation (not counting 4KC / HRTP), can be used in NoDVD folder after installation that allows you to perform some online functions through the game of general game.4K Movie and High Definition Texture Extreme Package and Moved Into a Different Download Because of low demand, NOTHING transcode functionality Download Download: You can skip install zagruzkui video loan, file, compare format and soundPacket you do not need. Smaller file sizes (translated to ~ GB, depending on the selected element). The installation will take about 45 minutes to the 8-core processor; ~ 4 core factory hours; Hour ~ 2 core processor after complete verification,So you can make sure everything is properly installed on the hard disk space after installation: up to 65 GB. You can select the language in game settings, text and voice in the Serup. Back packingVykarystovvaebibliyateku ZTool Razor12911Ne of less than 2 GB main memory (incl.Virtual), you need to install this Repack Repack by FitGirl

loading Select

You can skip download video loans, compare audio files and packets that sound, you do not need.vosspis Select File / Optional:

(For Fashion Benchmark Files) (Video Credit) (Recommended for Languages ​​Without Your Own Envelopes – Russian)

For example, if you want to run the game with the German UI / subtitles/ Thugs – Parse all sample / additional files, but zagruzitevse main files (01-06).

Backward compatibility

This partially repak back compatible with my first stocking sow. The following files have not been changed and can be overwritten to save the bandwidth:

Problems during installation?

Read the problem reportThis kiravnitstvapa

Middle earth: Shadow of War

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NBA 2K17 Legend download

NBA 2K17 Legend
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NBA 2K17 golden story

Type: Color

Developer: Visual Concepts

Publisher: 2K

Date of delivery: 09/20/2016

About this game

After the start of record NBA record 2K16 NBA 2K franchise continues to rely on its claim as a real video game with NBA 2K17. As a franchise that all sports games should doTeaching (GamesRadar), NBA 2K17 will play at a new height and will continue to wipe lines between video and reality.

NBA 2K17Legenda Edition Gold is included:

Digital Content:

VC 100,000

92 The Fantasy Team can be played in a quick game

Kobe # 8 Mitchell Ness Jersei

Kobe basketball jersey

Kobe Hoodie

ShoesNike in Kobe has a total of 24 shoes

MiTEAM Gold Bag (includes a valid 5-Kobe Agent Card)

System Requirements


OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 64-bit Windows on 64-bit Windows

Publisher: Intel Core i3-530 @ GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 805 @ GHz or the best

Memory: RAM 4 GB

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForceGT 430 1GB / ATI Radeon HD 64501 GB

DirectKs: Version 11

Storage: 70 GB of free space

Sound Card: DirectKs is compatible

Additional tips: Two additional notes for Analog Gamepad: The first installation requires a direct connection for verification using Steam; Benefits of software (includinggame) include DirectKs and Visual C + + Redistributable 2012


OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 64-bit Windows on 64-bit Windows

Publisher: Intel Core i5-4430 @ 3 GHz / AMD FKS-8370 @ GHz or the best

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2GB / ATI Radeon R9 270 or more

DirectKs: Version11

Storage: 70 GB of free space

SoundCard: DirectKs Direct Direct voice card

Additional notes: two analogue gamepads

How to install:

After downloading:

– open (a file that can be implemented)

– choose a place,

Click Close,

– Wait till he gets up

-Try the shortcut on the desktop

NBA 2K17 Legend

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